I am Aerzee. My full name consist of 41 letters in total. Simplified version of my name is Ezy -- for people who finds out my name is very hard to remember/spell & for my friends/colleagues who thinks my name is too long for them to type in the email or whatsapp group.

I am 27 years old by year, 26 years old by month, but still 21 years old at heart hehe.

I was born and raised in Penang, before we migrate to Kedah for good, when I was 10. I am a Penangites at heart.

Happily married to my other half, Mr. Mustaqim.

First born of four siblings -- Aerzee, Aerna, Aerman & Afif.

A biotechnology student turns into an executive -- major in administration & minor in biotech. I plan to have my own full time business before I reach 40, a business where I can enjoy my hobbies and manage my little family at the same time. My ultimate ambition is -- to be a super mom! Hehe.

I don't have any specific favourite food but I enjoyed sushi very much. I am a very random person. I might love one thing and dislike it in a split second. Or, did they categorised this type of person as "complicated"? I'm not sure.

Currently my husband and I are enjoying every bits of our lovely marriage. You know, to adjust and adapt with someone's behavior is very very hard. For me, watching movies in the cinema is wasting time and money. Since my spouse loves watching movies in the cinema, I am slowly changing my perception. For him, my online shopping addiction is annoying and wasting money. Since I love it very much, he is now slowly "close" his eyes when there is poslaju parcel in my laptop bag or poslaju van arrived in front of our home. This is how we learn to adapt with each other's habit tehehee.

I love to travel and wandering around.
I love planners and stationaries.
I love black, white and red.
I love cooking.
I love books and macarons.
I love anything cute and smell pleasant.
I love to DIY and simple/minimal house deco.

My family is my everything; as I believe that my family is where my life begins and my love will never ends.